What Is "Tower Of God"? | First Reaction

It’s something familiar. Both in good, and bad, ways.

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  1. lol the anime is actually going at such a fast pace alot of the source readers are worried its rushing things. also 13 episodes is enough to cover the 78chapter 1st season of the manhwa.

  2. Just making a comment regarding a single point that GR raised, so it's only regarding that 1 single point.
    Did GR not watch the original Hunter X Hunter 1999 version? That hunter exam was awesome, and it was even better than the York city ark.

    The only version where the Hunter exam was shit was in the 2011 version, where they rushed over all the atmosphere and character building that was there in the original.

  3. at this pace they will adapt the whole first season of the manhwa which is around 80 chapters and they're adapting the chapters pretty well so far so I'm not really bummed about the 13 episodes thing

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