What Is "Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045"? | First Reaction

50% a uncoordinated mess, 50% a faithful continuation, and 100% CG, for better or for worse.

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  1. So I've actually been watching Netflix CG stuff for a while now and one thing I can say is it's getting better, like, much better. Sure it doesn't currently surpass classical animation style but it can probably end up cheaper in the long run if more work is put into it. I think CG shouldn't be judged by this or any one particular show but look at shows running through the years and tell me it's not getting better.

  2. I love how grarkada is still going with his classic review character and style. I've been watching you since I was 15 man. I'm 21 now. Your videos had a direct influence on the first anime I watched in my teen years, and I'm a massive fan now. I collected a bunch of DVDS and manga because I liked your shelves and stuff, and I eventually ended up visiting Japan.

    It's interesting how you can trace back your own influences to such obscure sources, like an anime review channel, for example: p

  3. I thought it was good, the first season sets up a good mystery. You get used to the CG, it looks bad when it's static but the action and flow is good.

  4. i actually felt like it did an awesome job though the ending was kinder f@#ked, honestly though the cg was great and its like i always wanted to know what a cg Ghost in the Shell would be like, if anything that got to me its definitely the op i would kill for a new yoko kanno op she just nails it, and your right im so happy to get the og cast i was eagerly awaiting to find out if the og cast was going to be in it.

  5. I got hooked on the music used within Standalone Complex (the synthesizers, background atmospheric vocals, etc.), but have never watched any Ghost in the Shell shows since I can't figure out where to view them.

  6. Reminds me about BladerunnerBlack Out 2022, which is mostly CGI, but with hand drawn parts (similar to how Riot Games making their cinematics). And it looked pretty decent. I suppose it cost a lot more money, then just going full cheap/medium CGI that was chosen for GitS..

  7. It's a Camaro, not a ford shelby, but your point remains valid. I actually really like that story beat though, as togusa has to drive a fully 'manual' car and it fits his character, similar to his revolver, in demonstrating that he is more analog than the rest of the team.

  8. The CG isn't bad at all. I think the real problem people have is with the flat looking textures and the way the shading is done. It tried to capture the style of shading that Illya does with soft looking shading on skin and glossy looking hair, but it fell a bit short. Probably higher contrast and blockier shadows like in Altered Carbon:Resleeved would have worked better. The models themselves look fine and the use of motion capture actually adds quite a bit to the action sequences and some subtle body language can be picked up, like how different characters sit in a chair. It reads adds to the characters. Everyone would have wanted this to be animated in gorgeous 2D animation, but you have to keep in mind that the Ghost in the Shell series was going to do it at some point because of its love for technology. The 1995 movie had used computers to aid in the creation of some effects and cool digital compositing techniques were used to create the atmospheric Innocence movie. The first two SAC seasons were ahead of its time in terms of TV digital animation and there was the fully CG OP in season 1. Even other entries in the Manga by Shirow Masamune has CG elements within it. What I'm just trying to get at with this comment is just to get people to understand the artistic motivation behind using CG in this season. You don't have to like it, but understanding is enough.

  9. Yeah, i'm pretty much beat for beat with how you felt about it here, I do think it flows quite nicely when it deals with the crew doing stuff like old times, hell I especially enjoyed the tense moments like the solitary confinement episode…the show's still got a lot up its sleeve to come in the next half

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