The Ones Within – Opening Theme – not GAME

“not GAME” by Tasuku Hatanaka

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Akatsuki Iride is a popular live streamer for the game The Ones Within –Genome. But what was once fantasy quickly becomes reality when he and seven others are transported against their will into the game world. View count matters more than ever as millions watch them put their lives on the line to complete various high-risk challenges. Only the best will survive in the land that’s always live!


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  1. I want to analyze this Opening for some reason lol
    possible Manga Spoilers

    0:010:05 It starts with a PC, where the story begins. They all played a game called „The Ones Within“ and then were teleported so another world.
    0:060:12 DNA. I don‘t know what role that plays, yet. Maybe because there are so many siblings or that their DNA with themselves were teleported to that another world? I don't know. Maybe it‘s just decoration and to fit the aesthetic of the Opening or something like that.
    0:130:14 Paka and doing this thing with the hand, I'm not sure how they call it in english. He is also giving a kinda „evil“ atmosphere in these two seconds, and after he did that thing with his hand, the players are showing. Revealing that Paka has them in control, I think(?)
    0:150:33 The players and revealing their birth date etc. underneath, but also showing a bit of their personality. For example, it shows how Yuzu has a playful attitude with an undertone of teasing. Anya shows to kinda agressivly (hope this word exists) run „in“ the camera, revealing you probably have your aggro character (actually it‘s not his fault, i can understand, if I were in his possible, I‘d also not be the happiest person). And Himiko is just a bit jumpy, scared of most things, but is really sweet and shy. And as for the main character, I almost forgot he existed in this character introduction thingy. He‘s incredibally friendly, but somehow manages to keep a low profile of himself and not revealing too much information.
    0:330:34 Trees. Well, they did start in a forest, so.
    0:350:50 The tower with the characters standing on it. Just some cool aesthetic with the colors and such lol. Then it zooms in Akis right(or was it left?) eye. Maybe symbolizing that he is the protagonist and so we see the world with his eyes? Oh wait, i noticed something about the characters in this scene. Most of them are looking forward, some are looking down, and one is looking away. Maybe it has no meaning, but I kinda want to know why exactly Makino is looking away. And why maybe Yuzu and Anya are looking down (Maybe they are looking forward and I just need new glasses, but it‘d be interesting if they didn‘t.)
    0:500:53 The camera Pakas, a lot of them. Aki riding on a giant Panda, which he became friends in the first few chapters or so.
    0:540:57 The bois doing cool run poses, Himiko throwing granates or so. I don‘t see meaning in this so yeah.
    0:581:00 Pink Tsundere (forgot her name, I'm sorry) trying to punch something. Then Yuzu cuddling her, because she has a small interest in Pink Tsundere. Makino standing there and probably daydreaming or thinking or I don‘t know what second best boy is doing.
    1:011:05 Some avatars followed by black character silhouettes, which are three new characters which will be introduces in the show later on. Hiro best boy, I love him so much-
    1:061:10 Thing with the faces. Interesting to note is, that Akis left side is normal and the right seems more mysterious with his eye glowing and closing a bit.
    1:11 Showing that they also have free time and talking and such. Here you can see who gets with who along and who doesn‘t. Also I noticed the girls are always standing next to each other. (I love how Makino is always sleeping lol)
    1:121:30 I think here‘s nothing interesting. Just Paka and the characters doing cool moves.

    If you have another thoughts on these scenes, or if you noticed something that I didn‘t, tell me. I really love tearing apart openings to see how much meaning and secrets they have except looking good. I didn‘t look at the song translation yet tho.

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