The Lost Dubs of Gurren Lagann

Did you know about that time a bunch of the people at ADV who were involved with the original Evangelion Dub were working on a dub of Gurren Lagann? Let’s take a gander shall we?

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  1. Every time i think of Gurren Lagann dub, i can't help but recall some old convention footage of a voice acting contest in which egoraptor performed the voice of Kamina. After that clip, I couldn't handle hearing any other dub voice coming from Kamina.

  2. Why does that one guy with no shirt and the tattoo on the left shoulder why does he look like that leader of nood beach from kill la kill…lol well I’m certain senes

  3. I can enjoy a good English dub, but Japanese tend to be better most of the time, due of the larger pool of vice acting talents. Also I am not a native English speaker anyways.
    One expedition is Black Clover, where the original dub is terrible, while the English one is just mediocre, which is already any improvement.

  4. Definitely prefer the ADV Yoko and Kamina, but Kamina still doesn't come across right. His sub voice was impulsive and commanding but came off lovable. The bandai one is dull and the ADV one, while much more lively, is still missing the leader quality. ADV Yoko is pretty legit though since her character is generally pretty lively. The sub voice will always be canon to me but I think Grant's voice makes the character more fun.

    Leeron is pretty bad in both dubs, both are over the top but at least the ADV one uses the "gay tone" as emphasis when he's being flirty instead of as a constant.

  5. Drive by:

    so GL isnt great. I find the gundums in 2000s more enjoyable then GL. I have friends that HATE this series which I don't understand… and then there are people that love this series online.I am in the camp of meh….

    Also. SUBS > DUBS

  6. When I was younger, I refused to watch subbed shows. Nowadays, while I still prefer dubs because I can actually watch the stuff on the screen properly, I will watch subs if I have to.

  7. How you can have a problem with the "power creep" in Gurren Lagann is baffling to me. The whole point was Team Gurren learning that everything they fought for and against was cripplingly small on a universal level and instead of giving in like Lordgenome did Simon instead decides to just keep moving forward no matter what. The jump from building-sized to universe-sized is precisely because the Anti-Spirals basically controlled the physical universe and existed for so long their technology was unfathomable to normal people. This isn't Supernatural where for no stated reason Demons and Angels that can still burst through walls like the Kool-Aid man or turn you inside out with their minds are somehow now fodder enemies for two brothers who love each other SO MUCH! This is learning that you live inside an art farm and your colony is about to get flushed down the toilet.

  8. I'm sorry dub watchers but I just don't get what's so great about dubs, most of them sound extremely childish compared to the original audio
    They sound like a British YouTube's kids show, I do appreciate the voice actors attempting a new take on a character, but hey that's just my opinion

  9. I wonder why the famous Bang Zoom! Dub romanised Simon as Simone. I mean, the Japanese voice actors don’t pronounce it Simone, there’s a very clear ‘on’ sound at the end, not an ‘one’. In fact, the Japanese voice actors pronounce him as ‘Shimon’, with a clearly distinct ‘h’ sound.

    It’s weird, I assumed at first the Japanese voice actors were just failing to pronounce the English name Simon, but literally every single voice actor pronounced it the same way, and none of the other characters have English names, which makes me think that’s how his name is supposed to be pronounced.

    I’d definitely romanise it as Simon rather than Simone.

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