Naruto & Sasuke Learn Boruto WILL Die & Kashin Koji is Jiraiya? – Koji Vs Jigen – Boruto Chapter 46

Boruto Manga Chapter 46 analysis and review covers Kashin Koji vs Jigen, Naruto notices another clue that Jiraiya or a someone he knows looks similar to Kashin Koji, soon he will learn who Kashin Koji exactly is, we know Amado from Kara created Kashin Koji himself to Kill Jigen who is Isshiki Otsutsuki. Naruto as the 7th Hokage has also learned Boruto’s dark prophecy that Momoshiki has given him by bestowing him the Karma seal. Naruto and Sasuke learn that Boruto and Kawaki will die in the future if they don’t fix the situation.
We also learn the truth regarding Kaguya Otsutsuki on how she betrayed Isshiki Otsutsuki for the chakra fruit.


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