Final Fantasy: Advent Children In a Post-Remake World

After completing a play through of the latest entry in the Final Fantasy 7 Universe, I felt the need to rant for awhile about a much older entry, and how we might now find enjoyment with it given some new context.

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  1. I would LOVE if you did way more FFVII content. Especially since we got such an amazing remake with new story beats and with it actually being a sequel. I'm all for FF content on this channel! Character writing was amazing in the Remake. (Very much unlike Advent Children and ESPECIALLY Dirge of Cerberus) Especially Barret and Cloud. Can't wair for them and Red XIII writing in future parts. Aerith and Tifa too.

  2. I actually really liked advent children when I first watched it. I didn't even know about final fantasy 7 but still really liked it. But I guess I'm one of the few and I was really young ^^

  3. People saying it's justified in being labelled as a "remake" don't know the difference.

    * * * * *

    Remaster = Same gme. Engine untouched. Graphics update. (Eg: Final Fantasy 8 PC, Last of Us PS4, Star Wars on blueray)

    Remake = Built from the ground up from scratch. Overhauled engine. Plot untouched/main plot points still the same. (Shadow of the Colossus PS4, Final Fantasy 3 and 4 DS, Crash Bandicoot/Spyro trilog, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Tomb Raider Anniversar, The Mummy 1999)

    Retelling = Nothing to do with gameplay. Same Characters and same story, but things happen differently to arrive at the main plot points (every Captain Harlock series, Zelda series)

    Reimagining = Similar to retelling but other small things can change, like Characters having a different role, personality, or being genderbent. Plot can be that  of a retelling or reboot. It's up to the studio (Saint Seiya: knights of the Zodiac)

    Reboot = Nothing to do with gameplay. Same or similar Characters, plus maybe some new ones, set in the same or similar setting but in a different story. UNRELATED to any previous media. Requires ZERO knowledge of pasts series, athough references/nods can be made to previous games for the long-term fans. Starts fresh. Sometimes starts the same but soon diverges ( God of War, Man of Steel, The Mommy 2017, every Transformations series)

    * * * * *

    This is where FF7R gets a bit iffy because prior knowledge of having played the original is needed to understand what's going on otherwise it'd just be stuff happening, so it's not a remake, a reboot, or even a remaster. And it's not a reimagining or a retelling because you need to have played the original to understand it. If it was any of these, you could play 7R without having played 7 and still know what's going on. 7R totally assumes you've played the original 7, or at least know the characters and the gist of the story. Now answer me this: What is it called if you have to watch/play the original to understand the following installment, whether the plot is related to the first installment or not? A sequel! And it should have been advertised as such.

    We love the gameplay, music, graphics, and everything else. It's all so, so beautiful. Those complaining it's only the Midgar portion have been living under a rock because they've said for the past few years that it's Midgar only, so that's on you for not reading at least 1 piece of release info beforehand. It even says on the back of the case, albeit in the not-so-largest font: "The story of the first, standalone game in the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE project covers up to the party's escape from Midgar and goes deeper into the events occurring in the city than the original FINAL FANTASY VII."

    What the rest of us are angry about is that we've been deceived. Tricked. They're using the word "remake" for the plot, when there was no way of knowing that until you've bought it and played for 40+ hours though to the end. They lied about it on the actual packaging: "it goes deeper into the events occurring in the city than the original FINAL FANTASY VII." None of this happened in the  original. How can it go deeper into it if it never happened?

    It was advertised for 5 years, stated in interviews for 5 years, and even says on the official website that it's the gameplay that's been remade, and that's ended up being a total lie. We all spent our money and want into it thinking we were getting the same story with new gameplay, because that's what they TOLD us for 5 years. We bought what they'd been telling us. We're angry  because  we've been deceived, We HAVE been because of a dodgy marketing campaign. Have a look on the official Square-Enix website and read the interviews about how the story was going to be untouched. I've copy/pasted this part from the official website: "FINAL FANTASY VII's Characters, world and story are so beloved that we couldn't start playing with these or changing them in a reckless manner". Well that ended up being a straight-up lie. If they had advertised it as a reboot or reimagining, or had given it a different subtitle, we probably would have been okay because we would have known what NOT to expect. But having the word "remake" on the cover, without knowing anything else about the game, be plot related is cheeky wordplay at best and deceptive advertising at worst, knowing full well that we were buying this because of what Square had been telling us for 5 years.  Advertising one thing but selling another is a deceptive marketing technique called "bait and switch". It's illegal in some areas and morally grey in others. They don't have balls doing this. They lied. They spun a false advising campaign for 5 years and we all fell for it, because how could we have known?

    Not just angered fans but also official game review sites, like IGN and Kotaku (who I will admit are barely game journalists) are actually starting to give negative reviews saying things like "The ending left a bad taste" and " It's underdeveloped fanfiction". To quote someone else from this thread: "A bad ending can retroactively taint an experience" and they're  oh so correct (see Game Of Thrones)

    Square and Sony couldn't even get their advertising campaign straight from day 1. Not only is this hame branded as something it's not, but the Carbuncle DLC was listed on most sites, as coming with the "deluxe edition". That was the wording: "deluxe edition". It took me some serious digging and deciphering of wording to realise that it only came with the "DIGITAL deluxe edition", not the physical edition.  This "digital deluxe edition" wording was only changed on the Square-Enix website a couple of weeks before the release date, well after people had made thier pre-orders. Again, people pre-ordered thinking they were going to be receiving something else.

    We can't get our money back because Sony doesn't give refunds after you've hit that download button, even if you haven't played it, which is a violation of consumer rights. I tried to get a refund from Sony for Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, which was also branded as something else. It was branded as having new story content when it was mostly a rehash of cutscenes and just had a boss rush chucked in (data that was already on the disc). 20% effort want into that DLC for 100% of the piece. The reply I got from Sony was basically "Too bad". Now I'm stuck with these things I paid $45 and $130 (AUD) for that were marketed as something else.

    For years Square has been using English words for subtitles to thier games when English is not their first language.

    Here's something no one ever said in the entire history of humanity: "You what would be really cool? If they remade FF7 but changedthe story". The story of "save the planet" is more relevant in 2020 than ever before. So why, when it's most relevant, do you scrap that story in favour of time travel?  Time travel is not only lazy writing, but it's something that no other Final Fantasy has had (except 8). If they remade 8 and things happened differently because of time travel, that would fit fine because it's established that exists in the FF8 world. But not 7.  You can argue all you want that there's magic or time materia (that only works in battle, just like how you can't use a phoenix down on you-know-who) and that justifies it being in there. Bit that's the equivalent of saying "Ripleywent back in time and killedthe alien beforeit killedany of her friends because it's set in the future and she can just build a time machine".

    Please give me a refund Sony or Square, and the many others who have been deceived by your poor and misleading wording. This is the last straw and I will no longer be buying any product with the names Nomura or Nojima on them (director and writer).  You've just burned a loyal customer of 23 years who has more Final Fantasy and Square merch and products in their house than the average fan. You may just be saying "Pffft. He'sjust crying 'victim". I am. I'm the victim of a 5-year long false marketing campaign and have been tricked out of my hard-earned money, just like many others, and I hope our voices are heard.

    And to top it all off, the things added (the Whispers/feelers) are clearly a representation of the fans who wanted what was promised; an actual remake. They tried to keep the story as it was but ended up being killed so the whole thing could deviate. That's next level-meta and honestly it's insulting to think that's what they think of their fanbase, i.e The people who got Square to where it is today.

    Comment by Rhy5Lightning

  4. The cloaked figures/people are all over the place in the original ps game too… The game even told you at some point that they are people with Jenova cells, soo they are other SOLDIERs and also failed experiments. The original also told you, even showed you near the end that Sephiroth could control them… So I don't understand that point here about them.

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