Endorsi SECRETLY Loves Bam!? Bam UNLEASHED Shinsu – Tower of God Episode 9 [Live Reaction]

In this video, we react to Crunchyroll’s Tower of God Episode 9 and give our Review & Reaction that features Jiraiya’s Voice Actor, which means it’s awesome. Tower of God is a web toon that is super popular, Anyway, it features characters Bam and Rachel who enter the tower of god, Bam is searching for her, but he is in a battle royale now. Tower of God Opening is amazing by a Korean Band Named Stray Kids – TOP. In this episode, Androssi Zahard indicates her possible interest in love or crush for Baam, we deep dive into this along with reacting to how overpowered Baam is learning a ranker’s ability in a few seconds.

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