Cops and Aliens?! | Cop Craft (Official Clip)

Kei and Tirana team up!

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After Earth was linked with a magical world, San-Teresa City became a melting pot of cultures and species. But despite peace on the surface, there’s always an underbelly. That’s where detective Kei Matoba and knight Tilarna come in!


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  1. The only problem I have with this anime and many other shows is couches are the best cover but how they just cushions and some woods but bullets go through tougher object. But any way It going to be on my watch list

  2. Tilarna is 26 in her homeworld, 18 in our world…. and looks like a cute loli.
    I love the cultural clash moments and how badass adorable she is on top of being a competent, if trigger happy, knight. Tilarna is milder version of this trope since her world prolly has legit spatial differences, magic, and she isn't a normal human(from Earth) to begin with.


    Incidentally, that ambiguous age situation reminds me of Dorothy from Va11-Ha11-A.
    She's mwntally 24, physically 12 – 13, and is ACTUALLY SEVEN YEARS OLD!*
    …Oh, and she's happily adopted bisexual prostitute.

    Big O's Dorothy, minus the sexbot thing, is more or less the same.
    All androids pretty mhch can fit this.
    Then you get cases where they could look okder, but are mentally really not…. which to me, is a way bigger problem than if shecwere a mature loli who only 'looks' 12 but is really like, 900+ years old… like Rory from Gate.

    My point is… fiction LOVES this trope.
    See 'Interview With A Vampire', an oldish American film, for a more tragic run on the trope.
    Same with 'Dsnce In The Vampire Bund'.

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